Jade's class

Hi everyone,
Click here to take a look the questions we will be discussing in class with Jade this week.


Jade's class

Dear advanced students,
We'll be discussing the topic below with Jade this week, can you please make an outline?

There have always been differences between generations, but some think the gap is less divisive than it used to be. Compare the old generation with the young generation today.
Read the following suggestions and talk about, at least, two of them:
- Similarities between generations
- Differences between them
- The relationship between the two age groups
- How can we bridge the gap

Telling stories

Hi everyone,
Last week we revised the past tense. Have a look at this video where you can get some tips to make a story interesting and vivid!


Jade's class

Hi everyone,
Click here to have a look at the questions we'll be discussing in our next class with Jade.


Alternatives to if in conditional clauses

Hi everyone,
1. Have a look at this website where there are examples of conditional clauses without the word if.
2. Click here to find more examples and several exercises.
3. Find activities on the second and third conditional clauses here



Hi everyone,

Learn how Easter is celebrated by Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians in many countries.
 Then click on the quiz tab just below the video and answer the questions.      


St Patrick's Day

Who was St Patrick, and what is the history of St Patrick’s Day? Find the answers in this webquest, and learn about how 17th March is celebrated around the world.



 Hi everyone,

 Click  here to learn more about wishes and hypotheses.

 If you want to know how to use "wish"  click HERE .

Making wishes (Present & Future)
- Write 2 things that annoy you and you would like people to change. 
E.g. I wish peeople wouldn't start stupid rumours that aren't true.
- Write 2 things you wish you could do but you can't.
-Write 2 things you wish you had which would improve your life. 

Making wishes (Past) (=REGRETS)
-Write 2 things you wish you had done when you were younger. 

-Write 2 things you wish you hadn't done when you were younger. 


Happy Saint Valentine's Day

1. Watch the video and click here to answer the questions about it.(There is a vocabulary activity just above the questions, do it too).

2. Listen to this song and fill the gaps with the words in the box.
3. Learn expressions to describe love.


Writing: For and Against essay

 Choose one of the 3 options:
1. Going to work abroad: an exciting opportunity or a scary one?
2. Being a celebrity: a dream or a nightmare?
3. The Internet: a major breakthrough or a scary invention?

Look at some examples if you want:
-Example: "Is the Internet bad for young people?: Click HERE
-Example: A for an against essay about the intrenet HERE
-Example: A for and against essay about online communication HERE

LENGTH: 120-140words



1. Look at this film review and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.
2. Download the film review work sheet.
3. Visit this website to learn more about how to write different types of compositions