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Where does English come from?

Hi everyone,
Watch this video to learn more about the evolution of English language throughout history.



1. Why were some people unhappy in England?
2. Where did these people settle down after they left England?
3. What problems did they find there?
4. What was the name of the ship they set out on for America?
5. What problems did they find on board of the ship?
6. HOw long did they sail for?
7. Who was Squanto?
8. What did Squanto teach the pilgrims?
9. why did the pilgrims decide to have a celebration?
10. What did they cook for that celebration?
11. How were the Indians dressed?
12. Where did the first Thanksgiving's feast take place?

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Writing: an opinion article

Hi everyone,
Here you are some examples of opinion essays and articles that will help you with your next wirting task!
- Example: A magazine article HERE (The happiest days of your life?)
-Example: A magazine article HERE (FOMO)
- Example: An opinion essay HERE (Are video games a good way to keep fit?)
- Language on opinion essay HERE


What makes you happy at work?

Hi everyone,
We will be dealing with the topic of work in class next week, so start doing this listening activity. Check your anwers in comments.

Alexander Kjerulf is a leading expert on happiness at work. He’s a speaker and _________________________(1) working with many companies. He’s also the author of several books including the best seller called “Happy Hour _________________________(2). How to Love your Job”. He’s _________________________(3) speaking for more than 50,000 people about happiness at work.

After a successful conference in Istanbul for 100 business leaders, a lady told him she used to be a _________________________(4) at a company in Istanbul. She had a great salary, a great _________________________(5), a huge _________________________(6) with a view of all of the city and even a _________________________(7). However she cried every morning on her _________________________(8) because she hated her job and the company.

Being happy at work is not about the salary, the perks, the _________________________(9) or your _________________________(10) or the _________________________(11). It’s about results and relationships.

Results is about being good at _________________________(12) and knowing that you _________________________(13).
Relationships is about liking the people you work with, which is the most fundamental _________________________(14) we human beings have.
Liking your _________________________(15), your boss, having a _________________________(16) in the work place.
A study by Gallup shows that, having one good friend at work, the chance that you are _________________________(17) is three times as big.

A simple thing to do is you can _________________________(18). For example, they do this is Lego at the beginning of meetings and it makes the meeting more _________________________(19).


Giving opinions, reasons,disagreeing...

Dear advanced students,

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2. Follow the advice given here and the sample answers.